Official World Snowboard Tour 5* Women’s Slopestyle 

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Snowboarding is progressing at such a high speed, its only a matter time till the women get the platform and opportunity to showcase their highest talent. Taking "creative control" over the course and format, supports the optimal opportunity for the riders best performance to unravel. We want to expose the double flips, 900s, 1080s and beyond that these champions have been performing outside the competition arena.  By opening this event to the public and inviting them into our lifestyle (via eco activation village), we create a connection to inspire healthy habits and empower goals.

Format: By formulating a legitimate slopestyle course, by the riders, for the riders, we establish a progressive platform to culminate the most dynamic maneuvers, matchless to any achievement we have seen in competition history. By allowing the rider to bring their semi-final score into finals and build on it; we invent an opportunity that allows the rider to bring a new trick or tricks to the stage! 

Our intention is to create an event designed by us, the riders, showcasing the best case scenario on practice times (2-3 days), course design (creative, and clearable in all conditions),  3 run final in new format for best performances, and environmental awareness ( eco workshops, yoga, acupuncturist, and organic food / snacks for athletes and employees involved) to inspire future events about the capability to create something that honors the riders best, the corporations involved, and the earth that provides us with everything. 

Keystone Resort

Keystone is the perfect resort to support our event because of it’s current sustainability efforts and their ability to build the best courses in the world.  Keystone has quickly become a favored resort with its contribution to the athlete community, its support to major events, (Superpark), and its passion to build and maintain a perfect park for us.  


                                     April 4 - Best Method

                                     April 5 - MAIN EVENT

                                                              - 9am Community Village Opens

                                                              -10am-2:30pm  Competition 

                                                              -3:30pm-6pm Keystone Village Concert BAND: TBD

                                                              -4pm: AWARDS

                                     April 6- Weather Day